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The Advantages Of Automatic Garage Roller Doors

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The humble roller door. It’s an Aussie icon, right up there with Vegemite and Crocodile Dundee. Roller doors are a symbol of our pragmatism and humility as a nation. They’re not the fanciest, not the most ‘high-tech’ or most ornate home feature in the world, but they’re solid, reliable and come with ‘no dramas’, as we Aussies say.

So, what happens when we trick them out with an automatic opener?

Well, in short, we get the perfect combination of simplicity, security and convenience.

Here are some of the main advantages of automatic garage roller doors, brought to you by the team at The Garage Door Guys.


If there’s anything you’ve learned from your smart TV, it’s that simple designs are the best designs. Your new TV is ‘smart’ and lets you do all this cool stuff, but it’s as though you need a degree in electronics just to turn the dang thing on!

Automatic roller doors couldn’t be more different. They’re simply-designed. They go up and down. That’s all there is to them! This simplicity means that not much can go wrong with your roller door and, if there is a problem, it’ll be an easy fix.


Humans are all about doing things the most efficient way. We understand that time is the most valuable currency there is, and that when we’re saving time, we’re getting back a little part of our lives!

Well, it turns out that when you add up the time spent manually opening and closing your garage door, you lose a lot of time. Most of us use our garage doors thousands of times per year. Let’s say you’re coming home after a long day at work. Take all that time stepping out of your car, opening your garage door, getting back in the car, parking it in the garage and closing the door again… with an automatic opener, you could’ve been in the shower or having dinner already!

App connectivity

The sturdy design of a roller door plus the mod-cons of a smart automatic opener? That’s what we call the best of both worlds! Smart openers allow you to open your garage roller door via your smartphone, meaning you can do it remotely and check on the status of your door whenever and wherever you want. This changes the game when it comes to improved home security, convenience and expecting deliveries.

Ready for the ultimate combo of an automatic garage roller door? These are just some of the benefits when you choose a high quality roller door from The Garage Door Guys. The Garage Door Guys are Adelaide’s best retailers of exceptional-quality automatic roller garage doors. We also specialise in maintenance and repair, offering full-scale garage door services. Get in touch with the team for the best roller garage door today!

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