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The Best Garage Door Materials for Coastal Homes

The Best Garage Door Materials for Coastal Homes


Got a home in Henley? A pad in Port Elliot? An abode in Aldinga?

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these Adelaide beachside suburbs, you’re probably never looking back!

But there’s a couple of extra considerations when you’re building a coastal home, or updating it: which material to use on the garage door.

In this post, the legends at The Garage Door Guys explain the best garage door materials for coastal homes:

Why coastal areas and garage doors butt heads:

Coastal areas are windier and more humid. Increased levels of moisture and oxygen often lead to quicker rusting, which is why many coastal homeowners avoid steel roller doors and panel-lift doors. Coastal garage doors often suffer from:

  • Warping, which is a big problem for timber doors. This occurs when the wooden door absorbs too much moisture, causing it to deform.
  • Rusting, which occurs in steel. Rust is a result of moisture and oxidation affecting the iron or steel garage door.
  • Rotting, which is also common for timber doors in coastal environments, thanks to the higher moisture content of the air.
  • Fading, which can happen on both timber and steel doors, thanks to more exposure to UV rays.
  • Wind damage, which is more prevalent in coastal areas as there’s fewer barriers against winds.

Best materials for garage doors in coastal homes

While timber and steel doors are generally the ones to avoid, here are some of the ideal materials for garage doors in seaside areas:


Fibreglass is a manmade material which consists of glass fibres. It’s resistant to rusting, warping and rotting.


Aluminium is an ideal material for coastal areas because it doesn’t rust. It’s highly resistant to cracking, peeling and warping while remaining lightweight and strong.

Wood composite

While timber isn’t appropriate for coastal areas, wood composite is the perfect alternative. Made of wood and plastic fibres, this material achieves that classic timber finish without the risk of warping or rotting.


Popular in North American coastal towns, but less so in Australia, vinyl is suited to the extra humidity of seaside suburbs. It’s made from high-strength PVC plastic and is resistant to rot and warping. PVC garage doors have been late to hit the Australian market, mainly due to having better-quality alternatives like fibreglass and wood composite.

If you live in one of Adelaide’s gorgeous coastal suburbs and you’re looking at installing a new garage door, get in touch with SA’s industry experts: The Garage Door Guys. We specialise in supplying high-quality doors throughout the greater Adelaide region, with coastal areas included from Semaphore to Sellicks! Check out our stunning range of garage doors and contact us for a quote today.

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