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The Future of Garage Door Technology

The Future of Garage Door Technology


In the ‘60s, they predicted we’d have flying cars by now. While we don’t have flying cars, technology has produced some equally inspiring and life-changing creations… like a fridge that can connect to Spotify.

While this may not be at the top of your priorities list, technology has actually made functional and helpful improvements to garage doors – and it’s only going to get better, according to futurists.

Here, The Garage Door Guys unpack the future of garage door technology, and the tech that’s already on the market:

AI technology for garage doors

We’ve seen AI absolutely take off in the past couple of years, with the emergence of chatbot technology, image generation and a whole range of other applications. But AI could soon make its way into garage door technology, too.

Using AI, your garage door opener could be able to learn your daily habits, automatically opening a couple minutes before you need to go to work, and opening when it detects your car is in close proximity to your home when you return. Who knows, maybe your garage door could also learn Spanish and teach it to you for 10 minutes a day?

Is this really a necessary addition to your garage door? Well, probably not. But is it cool as heck? Absolutely!

Advanced security controls

Security measures are also tipped to advance in future garage door technology. While biometric entry is common for government and commercial applications, we’re expecting it to become more available for the residential market in the future. This means you won’t need a key or even a code to open your garage door – biometric or facial recognition will suffice.

The future is now: current technology available on the garage door market

But aside from your future garage door teaching you how to speak Spanish or how to make soufflé, there’s actually a whole range of crazy garage door technology that’s currently available. Some of the coolest features which are available for the consumer market include:

  • Smart access
    Smart access garage door openers connect to your phone via an app, letting you open and close your garage door remotely, create timers and monitor its status wherever you are.
  • Geofencing
    Geofencing monitors your location and opens or closes your garage door based on whether you’ve left the home or arrived at it. Leave those annoying buzzers in the glovebox!

Want a garage door opener that uses the latest smart technology? The Garage Door Guys are the team to call. We specialise in garage door and opener retail, stocking a wide range of smart access openers which make life so much more convenient. We’re also Adelaide’s experts in garage door repairs and maintenance, so if you’ve got an issue with your opener, give us a call for an inspection today.

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