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The Impact of a Quality Garage Door on Your Insurance Premiums

The Impact of a Quality Garage Door on Your Insurance Premiums


Petrol prices, energy bills, insurance premiums. They only seem to go one way: up!

And while we can’t control petrol prices, and we can only control energy usage rather than prices, what we can have an impact on is our insurance premiums.

From shopping around to playing providers off each other, there are a couple of sneaky tricks we can use when trying to reduce our insurance premiums.

A little-known tip, however? Investing in a quality garage door.

Here, the team at The Garage Door Guys explains the impact of investing in a quality garage door when lowering your insurance premiums:

Better garage doors provide better security

One of the first questions your insurance provider wants to know is the age of your garage door. Then, they want to know if you’ve got security cameras. Then, they want to know what kind of opener you’ve got and whether it has rolling code technology, or smart access.

All of these questions aren’t just meant for them to pry – they’re asked to get a better idea of your home security situation. In other words, they want to know how much or how little of a risk your home presents when it comes to experiencing a break in – for which your insurance will have to cover.

A more secure and reliable garage door, with better features like a smart opener and keypad technology, presents less risk to insurers. This is factored into your monthly premium, resulting in a lower cost plan.

Cyclone-proof garage doors provide resistance during storms

If you live in an area that’s prone to storms or strong winds in winter, then having a cyclone-proof garage door can also lower your insurance premiums. Living in a high-wind area can drive up insurance premiums, as providers fear for the home’s structure in the event of a storm.

Having a cyclone-proof garage door mitigates this risk, and therefore lowers your insurance premium.

Quality safety features reduce risk and can lower premiums

Safety features have become standard on modern garage doors – so if your garage door doesn’t have standard features like auto-reverse and motion detection, then it could be driving up your insurance premium. Upgrading to a garage door which uses these features isn’t just a good idea for lowering your premium – these are life-saving features which could prevent a serious accident from happening.

Waterproofing and seals

If you live in a valley, or a similarly high-risk area for flooding, then extra waterproofing on your garage door is a great idea. These aftermarket devices can slow the penetration of water through the garage door in the event of a flood. Insurance providers see this as a reduction of risk, lowering your premiums.

The Garage Door Guys can help you lower your insurance premiums by sorting you out with a new high-quality garage door. Browse our range and get in touch with us today.

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