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The Latest Trends in Custom Garage Door Design

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2023 has been a pretty weird year so far. We’ve invented robots that can almost think for themselves, and Tasmania is getting a footy team. Who knows what’ll come next!

But let’s leave those kinds of predictions to the experts. If you’re focussing more on garage doors than AI and AFL, you’re in the right place. Here, we ask the specialists at The Garage Door Guys what the latest trends are in custom garage door design, so that you’re set for 2024!

Garage door windows

OK, so maybe garage door windows are the ‘latest’ trend in custom garage doors (we’re fairly sure they’ve been around for at least a hundred years), but they don’t need to be the hottest, newest thing on the block. Why? Because they’re timeless, which is 10 times better than being the latest.

Garage door windows are elegant, charming and practical, too. They let light into a part of your home which doesn’t get much of it otherwise. This gives your garage a nicer atmosphere, saves you from having the light on so frequently, and lets you look at your car in admiration!

Natural doors

Natural custom garage doors have taken a while to catch on, but they’re now gathering pace rapidly. In fact, we’d go to say that natural is the new neutral! Their sleek and stylish yet modest appearance is suited to both traditional and contemporary homes, meaning they add curb value to homes in a wide range of styles. As a material choice, you have the option of real timber or, if you’re interested something with less maintenance, there are some pretty incredible and convincing options for imitation wood nowadays.

Custom designs

Custom garage doors offer limitless possibilities. You can get as creative as you like when designing a custom garage door. We’ve seen homeowners, who really want to add personal flair to their home, work with designers and come up with stunning, intricate garage door designs.

Glass doors

And, finally, glass garage doors have cemented their place in custom door world. Glass garage doors give you the best of both worlds in terms of light penetration and privacy. They use a reflective glass so that passers-by can’t see into your garage, while allowing plenty of light inside.

There are so many options when it comes to custom doors – now, you have to find the right team to bring your dreams to life! That’s where The Garage Door Guys enter the picture. The Garage Door Guys are Adelaide’s best retailers of exceptional-quality custom garage doors. They love working with Adelaide homeowners to create the garage door of their dreams. The Garage Door Guys also specialise in maintenance and repair, offering full-scale garage door services. Get in touch with the team to start designing your custom garage door today!

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