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Transform Your Garage into a Home Gym: Tips for Selecting the Right Door for a Multipurpose Space

Transform Your Garage into a Home Gym Tips for Selecting the Right Door for a Multipurpose Space

Sick and tired of paying exorbitant gym membership fees? Can’t stand looking at your empty garage which isn’t used for anything? Not getting anywhere with that silly home gym contraption that fits over your door? (you know, the one you saw on that infomercial all those years ago…)

You got a garage? You got a gym!

Transforming your garage into a home gym is one of the best things you can do to save money, make use of that extra space and keep fit all at the same time.

But when it comes to gyming in the garage, which kind of garage door is most appropriate? It may not initially seem like it, but your garage door choice is a make-or-break decision in creating a home gym.

Here, The Garage Door Guys give us some tips for selecting the right door for a multipurpose garage.

Ensuring overhead space

Overhead space is important, especially if your garage has a ceiling. Home gyms often require tall pieces of equipment, like cable machines, and you might be doing exercises that require extra height, like skipping. If this is the case, choosing a garage door which maximises overhead space is a great option. A roller door, if your garage allows for it, is often suitable for home gym set-ups.

Comfortable temperatures

Hate working out when it’s boiling hot or freezing cold? Well, that’s why most gyms are set to a consistent temperature, all-year-round. You can achieve the same effect without spending a fortune on heating and cooling by investing in an insulated garage door. With thick insulation inside them, these doors prevent external air from entering your garage, allowing you to keep a more consistent temperature which is perfect for working out in, whether it’s winter or summer.

Natural light

Love to work out in a light-filled environment? There’s nothing better than having natural light in your garage when you’re pumping iron. It makes you feel more motivated and more energised too! Custom-made garage doors which feature windows are a great option for home gyms. The Garage Door Guys are delighted to offer customised garage doors, working with you to create the ideal door with windows.

The Garage Door Guys are excited to get you into your home gym sooner! We’ve got one of Adelaide’s largest ranges of garage doors, featuring roller doors, sectional doors, insulated doors, custom doors and more. Whether you’re looking at converting your garage into a home gym, movie theatre or extra bedroom, The Garage Door Guys have got you covered. Our specialists in garage doors have helped dozens of homeowners choose the perfect door for their needs. Get in touch with us and pop in to our Totness showroom today.

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