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Upgrade to an Automatic Garage Door Opener and Enjoy the Convenience and Security

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Ever wondered how people managed before we invented all of our genius mod cons? Like how people survived without air conditioning? Or cars? Or smartphones?

Well, if you’re still living without an automatic garage door opener, and have to manually open and shut your door each time, then you’re officially living in the past!

The added convenience, safety and security of an automatic garage door opener makes them one of those things that, once you experience, you look back and wonder how you ever lived without them.

Let’s give you a few top reasons to upgrade to an automatic garage door and stop living in the 1800s!

Feel extra secure at home

An automatic garage door opener adds extra security to your garage. Without an opener, your garage relies simply on the locking mechanism which can be compromised using basic tools. With an automatic opener however, it becomes a lot harder to break into, because to unlock the door, you need to access the opener – which is impossible unless you’re physically in the garage.

Let the good times roll

On top of this, automatic openers have upped their game in the security department by featuring rolling code technology. In the past, garage door openers had a single code that, once gained, a hacker could use to open your garage door. Now, however, automatic garage door openers have rolling codes which change each time your door is opened. Take that, shady hackers!

Never get in and out of the car when you don’t have to

Let’s say it’s Adelaide in July. Cold, wet and windy. The last thing you want to do is exit your car to open your garage door! Purely for this alone, an automatic garage door opener is well worth the investment.

Stop risking your back

Increased personal safety is a big reason to upgrade to an automatic garage door opener. Lifting a garage door poses a serious risk to your back. Lift it the wrong way, and you could sustain a back injury like a disc protrusion. Your money is better spent investing in an opener than it is on weeks of physiotherapy!

Access your door through your smart phone

And if you’re a tech nerd, you’ll have the fact that you can open your garage door via a smart phone app. Nifty, right?

The Garage Door Guys can help you choose the best automatic opener for your household. Stocking a collection of high-quality, durable and reliable automatic openers, The Garage Door Guys guarantee low prices and quality installations on all of their openers. Give the team a call, or pop in to see them at their Adelaide Hills showroom.

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