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What Are Common Causes Of Garage Door Sensor Problems?

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Are your garage door sensors playing silly buggers? Closing when there’s something in the way or refusing to budge when the coast is clear? While they’re one of the best safety features you can invest in for your home, it’s possible to experience issues with your sensors from time to time. So what exactly is the cause behind these dramas, and how easily can they be reversed? Let’s take a look at some common reasons for garage door sensor problems and talk to the team at The Garage Door Guys about getting them fixed.

They’re dirty

Ever stepped out of the shower and checked your phone but your phone doesn’t recognise your thumbprint? That’s because it’s thrown off by the moisture still on your thumb. The same kind of principle applies to your laser sensors when they’re not cleaned regularly enough – they can be rendered ineffective due to the dirt and dust that accumulates on them.

This requires a simple troubleshooting process. Grab a damp cloth and simply wipe down your garage door sensors, before patting them dry with a dry cloth. If your door works normally, then you’ve successfully identified the issues.

There’s an issue with the power supply

When an electrical appliance isn’t getting enough or any current at all, it’s going to experience problems in operation. Laser sensors on your garage door may be playing up because the power supply is insufficient. For a power supply issue, you’ll need an expert garage door technician to identify and solve the problem.


Garage door sensors need to be perfectly aligned with each other in order to work effectively. They can become misaligned due to wind, interference or poor installation. A specialist from The Garage Door Guys can identify this issue in a matter of moments, and have it fixed up for you quick-smart.

Moisture exposure

After heavy rains or a flood, it’s possible that your laser sensors could have become waterlogged. Sadly, there isn’t a fix for this one and they’ll need replacing.

They’re old, and irreparable

Age isn’t the friend of your garage door sensors, and it’s possible that they have simply given up and called it a day. If this is the case, just call the team at The Garage Door Guys and they’ll swap some new ones in, pronto!

Garage door sensors are one of those things you need to fix as soon as possible. If you’re looking for the best quality garage door, or top quality service and maintenance, The Garage Door Guys are the team to call. As Adelaide’s most reputable garage door sales and repair team, they’ve always got you covered for excellent service at low prices. Get in touch with the team and check out their Adelaide Hills showroom today.

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