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What Causes a Garage Door to Stop Working?

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Garage doors are great… until they stop working. Even then, your local garage door technician will be able to identify and resolve your garage door issue with minimal fuss. But how did it get to that point? Now you’re in a rush to get to work and you have to close the door manually… if it’s safe, of course. There are a few things that could cause your garage door to stop working and we’ll take a look at them in this post.

Torsion springs

If your torsion springs break, you’ll know about it. The sound of a torsion spring breaking is a massive SNAP! and BANG! sound. They’re often the first thing that breaks in a garage door assembly. If you heard a bang sound before your garage door stopped working properly, check to see if the springs are broken. If they are, don’t try to open the door. Without the torsion springs, the door won’t stay open properly, posing a serious safety risk.

Snapped or loose cables

Cables can often snap when your torsion springs snap. This can cause damage to a vehicle in the garage or the wall that they’re attached to. Replacing the cables is another job that’s best left to an expert.


Your garage may have stopped working due to a problem with the tracks. Your garage door tracks need to be completely straight in order for the door to open and close properly and smoothly. Over time, or due to other misalignment issues, tracks can become bent – making it impossible for the door to open and close properly.


If your tracks, torsion springs and cables look OK, it might be a problem with your motor. The motor of the garage door pulls the door up and lowers it down. You may need a new motor if the door is really slow at opening and shutting or if the motor doesn’t turn on at all. A new motor will ensure there’s plenty of juice to operate your garage door. 


Rollers should be changed every so often and are an easy fix for an experienced garage door technician. Rollers, over time, become worn out or broken and need replacing. If your garage door opens and closes in unevenly, it’s probably misaligned due to the rollers being worse on one side. Replacing the rollers will make your garage door run smooth as butter.


Yep, it could also be the batteries in your remote or the remote itself.

So, there are plenty of things that could cause a garage door to stop working. And with so many factors at play, it can be tough to work out the problem! Thankfully the expert technicians at The Garage Door Guys are here to help out. They’re trained professionals in all kinds of garage door repairs and maintenance and will be able to get your door fixed affordably and in a flash.

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