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What Does a Garage Door Repair Cost?

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You’re in a rush to work and for some reason, today out of all days, your garage door refuses to open. Some people will think about the boss being mad that they’re late to work, others will think about the leftover chicken risotto in their bag which needs to be refrigerated ASAP, and others will think about money. How much is it going to cost to fix this freakin’ thing?

The good news is that garage door repairs are common, and you’ll most likely have a functioning garage door up and running very quickly. A garage door repair can be incredibly varying in cost. From really simply jobs to quite complex ones, let’s take a look at some common problems with garage door repairs.

Track repair

Your garage door runs on tracks. These tracks have to be in sturdy condition and completely straight, otherwise your garage door will not be able to open and shut properly. Tracks can become bent or warped over time and in this case, will need repair. Track repairs tend to be on the cheaper side of garage door repair.


Rollers are the wheels on which your garage door travels up and down the tracks. These have to run smoothly, be adequately oiled and be in good condition. A good way to spot if you need new rollers is if your garage door shudders when moving, or if the door opens or closes lop-sided. This indicates that your rollers are worn out. Rollers are cheap to replace, so don’t worry about breaking the bank if that’s the problem.

Torsion spring issues

If your torsion springs break, it can be really dangerous to try to open the door. It likely won’t stay open, posing a big safety hazard. You can check to see if the torsion springs are snapped. If so, call a professional like The Garage Door Guys immediately and let everyone know not to move the garage door. Torsion spring repairs can take 2-3 hours of labour and therefore are on the pricier side of garage door repairs.


If your door falls quickly, then this could also be a problem with the chains or cables. This is another time where you don’t want to touch the garage door, and simply leave it in the hands of a pro. Cable repairs tend to be a bit more expensive than track repairs, but not as much as torsion spring repairs.

The only way to accurately find out how much your garage door repair is going to cost is to call the reliable team at The Garage Door Guys. They’ll be at your place in a flash to inspect your garage door, tell you the problem and set to work fixing it – quickly and affordably.

Give The Garage Door Guys a call on 08 8391 0113 or visit them at their office in Totness.

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