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What is the Average Garage Door Height?

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Garage doors all appear to be the same height when you look at them from afar. Really, how often do you think about the height of a garage door? Unless you’re a garage door installer, then probably not often at all.

But if you’re renovating your house or building a house, you might start thinking about the average height of a garage door. What is it exactly? And do you necessarily need your garage door to be that tall? We’ll answer these questions in this post, looking at each type of garage door and their average heights.

Roller doors

Made from steel or aluminium, roller doors roll up and down (obviously) and are stored compactly in a cylinder shape above your garage. A standard roller door is 3m high and requires a minimum of 45cm of headroom in order for it to be stored above the garage. This is slightly more than other kinds of garage door, as sectional and tilt doors are stored flat rather than rolled-up.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are those lovely, elegant doors that raise up panel by panel. They’re stored flat above your garage. A standard sectional door is also 3m high but requires less headroom than a roller door – usually about 25cm to 35cm due to their horizontal storing position.

Tilt doors

Tilt doors are made from one piece of material and tilt up and down when opening or closing. They’re usually about 2.5m high and require the least headroom out of all the doors: around 10cm for a standard tilt door. This makes them a great option if you’ve got limited height in your garage and don’t have a taller vehicle to store in it.

Custom doors

Custom doors are built especially to your needs. They’re the best option for you if you want a certain look for your home or have certain height requirements due to owning a tall vehicle like a caravan or 4WD. Usually, they’re at least 3m high with varying amounts of headroom required.

How does the average garage door height affect you?

Depending on your needs and your garage itself, the average height of a garage door may influence which one you decide to buy. For example, if you love the look of a tilt door and don’t have a particularly tall vehicle, it may be the best choice for you. But if you need to store a bus, track or caravan in your garage, then you may end up going with a custom door.

To determine which garage door suits your needs the best, contact the team at The Garage Door Guys. They know exactly how tall your door needs to be in relation to your garage and can help you out with buying and installing the perfect garage door.

For affordable and reliable service, visit The Garage Door Guys at their Totness office or call them up for a quote at 08 8391 0113.

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