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What is The Best Garage Door for The Money?

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The nature of buying anything is that you want the best one for the money. Think about it: it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about sports cars or window cleaner – we don’t want to spend more on something that’s of a lower quality… and at the same time we don’t want something that’s low quality for the same price as something that’s good quality.

Luckily, with garage doors, they’re all quality. Whether we’re talking about sectional, roller or custom doors, they’ve all got their certain perks. You just have to figure out which of these doors suit you the best. This is what this post aims to achieve.

Roller doors

Roller doors are great value for money, usually being the cheapest option for garage doors. They’re usually made from steel, and this has a few benefits. The first is that it’s a very reliable and durable material, so you can guarantee many years of life out of your steel roller door. The second is that steel roller doors are very low maintenance, as they’re made of just one piece of steel. Compared with sectional doors, for example, which has a few moving mechanisms, roller doors don’t need much attention.

If you’re worried about your garage door being easy to fix if it gets damaged, then a roller door may not be the best value-for-money option for you. When a roller door gets damaged (which, mind you, is pretty hard to do due to their sturdiness), you have to replace the entire door. A sectional door, on the other hand, gives you the chance to replace the affected panel only, rather than the whole door.

Sectional doors

Sectional doors could be the best door for the money in your eyes if aesthetics mean a lot to you. Often considered the most visually appealing door, sectional garage doors bring elegance to your home in their chic designs. They cost a bit more than roller doors but if you want to bring out the best features of your home, then they’re worth every extra cent.

Sectional doors are not as compact as roller doors, meaning that your garage space is eaten into. If you use overhead garage space to store things, then sectionals may not be the best value garage door for you.

While you’ve also got the option of custom-made doors which are wonderful and amazing (though a bit pricier), the two most common garage doors are roller and sectional. So, which one seems the best for the money in your eyes? No matter your decision, the team at The Garage Door Guys can help you out. Their Adelaide’s specialist team for garage door sales, installation and repairs, with over 37 years’ combined experience.

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