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What is The Difference Between Insulated and Non-Insulated Garage Doors?

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When you go to the supermarket and you see a massive shelf of different types of toothpaste on it, you wonder to yourself: are these toothpastes really any different from one another? You’ve got one that gives you whiter teeth, one that gives you fresher breath, one that gives you cavity protection… but they all taste kind of the same. So, do they each have a certain role or is it just really good marketing on Colgate’s behalf?

We’re not too sure and we’ll let you do your own research on that. But, thankfully, when it comes to insulated and non-insulated garage doors, the differences are massive, and you can rest assured you’re not just buying into a gimmick. Here are the main differences between insulated and non-insulated garage doors.

Insulated doors

Insulated doors are good at… well, insulating. They’ve got layers of thick insulation and added timber and steel in them which helps to keep the temperature consistent in your home. This is the main reason people invest in insulated garage doors and, in Australia, you can see why they’re a good idea. Whether you want to beat the boiling heat or keep out the cold, insulated garage doors are one way you can do this.

Energy efficiency is another big point of difference. Insulated garage doors are more energy-efficient because your climate control system doesn’t have to work so hard to keep the temperature consistent. So, you’ll notice a difference in your energy bills when you go with an insulated garage door.

Noise reduction is one of the other differences you’ll find in insulated garage doors. Due to the extra layers of material and insulation, noise in your home is reduced when you have an insulated door. This will keep out the sound of loud trucks and buses, birds, barking dogs and screaming children.

Non-insulated garage doors

Non-insulated garage doors are less effective when it comes to keeping your house at a consistent temperature. They’re often a weak point for letting the outside temperature affect your home. This will also mean they’re less energy-efficient and will end up costing you more in energy bills. You’ll find that they’re not as good at reducing noise in your home, due to being thinner. So, if you’re wanting to improve your house in all of these ways, it’s worth investing in an insulated garage door.

To wrap it up, there are a few important differences between insulated and non-insulated garage doors: differences that are scientific and factual. Upgrading to an insulated garage door will see your house kept at a more consistent temperature, your energy bills kept lower, and your home kept quieter.

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