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What Kind Of Garage Door Should I Choose?

Designer door

It’s not every day that you get to pick your own garage door. It’s kind of like picking an ice cream flavour when you go out for dessert: there are so many different flavours, they’re all probably great and it seems as though your life depends on it… even if it’s just ice cream.

But for garage doors, there’s actually a lot more riding on your decision, like home aesthetics, practicality and added home value, too.

If you still can’t decide which ‘flavour’ you’re choosing, let’s get some help from the pros at The Garage Door Guys – Adelaide’s widest range of garage doors!

What style are you interested in?

Choosing a garage door starts with knowing which style you’re after. There are a few main styles of garage door:

  • Roller doors
    Made from solid Colorbond steel, roller doors are affordable, reliable and are perfect for garages with an apt amount headroom.
  • Sectional doors
    Sectional doors, or panel-lift doors, are characterised by their panelled design, and stored flat below the ceiling when in the closed position. An elegant and versatile choice, they look great on every home.
  • Custom doors
    Want to add your own personal flair and go for something unique? Custom doors, or designer doors, are the option for you. When you choose to create a custom door with a team of highly experienced professionals like The Garage Door Guys, you’re completely in control of every detail.

What’s your budget?

Whether you’re at the supermarket or deciding which garage door to choose, budgeting is always a primary consideration. Roller doors are usually the best option for smaller budgets, sectional doors can fit into both small and medium-sized budgets, while custom doors are in the higher budget bracket.

Best kinds of garage doors

Want to find the best garage door type for you? Let’s take a look at some of the winners:

  • For reliability and value: roller doors
    Roller doors have been one of Australia’s favourite garage door styles for years. They’re incredibly reliable and secure, making them a high value product.
  • As an all-rounder: sectional doors
    Sectional doors combine elegance, reliability and value in one incredible garage door. They’re perfect for homeowners looking to add a modern touch to their homes without breaking the bank.
  • For uniqueness and luxury: custom doors
    The Garage Door Guys’ Design-A-Door offer is simply unbeatable for homeowners who have a clear idea of what they want from their garage door, and how it will add aesthetic value to the home.

Choosing the right garage door is easy with The Garage Door Guys. As Adelaide’s most reputable garage door sales and repair team, they’ve always got you covered for excellent service at low prices. Get in touch with the team and check out their Adelaide Hills showroom today.

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