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What You can do to Better Protect Your Garage Door Against Fire

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Keeping your home safe from fire is a top priority of all homeowners. Fires threaten the safety of your family members and can see you life’s work in the form of your home be destroyed in minutes. There’s no wonder, then, why you’d want to give yourself extra protection against fire.

Thankfully, extra fire protection is available for one of the biggest entry points in your home: the Emb-A-Seal. It’s a simple, effective seal for garage doors which protect against fire. In this post, we’ll learn more about the Emb-A-Seal and who you should call to have one installed in your home.

Emb-A-Seal: how does it work?

Emb-A-Seal is a fire-retardant seal that is available for both roller doors and sectional doors. Here’s how they work:

  • Roller doors
    For roller doors, an aluminium holder is fastened to the roll of the curtain, just above the height of the lintel. Then, the flame-retardant rubber compound slides into the holder and rests above the lintel, providing a barrier. The seal is compressed when the door curtain rolls around the drum. This means that door operation is unaffected and that the seal isn’t visible while the door is open. The Emb-A-Seal is perfect for high fire risk zones, dry, arid climates, coastal areas and dusty regions where high winds are present.
  • Sectional doors
    Emb-A-Seal for sectional doors consist of aluminium seal holders that are fixed behind the jambs and lintel. Bristle brush seals fit into these holders to prevent the entry of embers which can easily turn into a raging fire if coming into contact with something flammable. They’re also perfect for high fire risk zones, dry, arid climates, coastal areas and dusty regions where high winds are present.

Call a professional to install an Emb-A-Seal

Australia is a hot country, and many areas of our capital cities are at risk of bushfires. Like we’ve seen before in South Australia, during the devastating Sampson Flat bushfires in 2015 and the more recent Kangaroo Island bushfires in 2019, things can go from bad to worse, very quickly. The threat of a bushfire is very real in Adelaide, particularly in dense, green areas.

That’s why The Garage Door Guys encourage all Adelaide homeowners to fit their homes with an Emb-A-Seal. This not only offers extra protection against bushfires, but against any other accidental housefire. The Garage Door Guys care about their Adelaide and Adelaide Hills locals, which is why they offer competitive prices on all of their services, including installation of Emb-A-Seals. Grab a quote from the team today and take that extra step towards fire safety.

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