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When to Repair and When to Replace Your Garage Door



Did one of your mates ever have a car that they loved so dearly that, no matter how many things went wrong with it, they still couldn’t say goodbye? There may have been a lot of love for that car but, sometimes, it’s best to cut your losses and replace something rather than keep repairing it. If you’ve got a garage door that either needs repairing or replacing and you can’t quite decide what to do, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll tell you when to repair and when to replace your garage door.

What will a repair involve?

One big question to consider is: what work needs doing? If the whole door has a massive hole in it due to a car going through it, then it may work out cheaper just to buy a new door. It’s not often that you see a scenario like this, however. Most of the time, garage doors need a few little tweaks and repairs and then they’re back to functioning perfectly.

For example, if you’ve only got to replace the cables or springs, then you’ll come off far better by repairing the door. After this, your garage door will be fit for use for years to come. 

Is it time for a change?

Maybe, even if your garage door is repairable, it’s nonetheless time for a change. Your garage door can drastically improve the look of your home, so installing a new one will completely revamp your place with a fresh look. Your garage door may be functional, but it simply doesn’t suit the appearance of your home anymore. If this is the case, don’t waste money repairing a garage door that you feel takes away from the aesthetics of your home. Come home from work to a garage door that you love! 

How much will it cost?

Another thing to consider when repairing or replacing your garage door is the cost. As said previously, in most cases, it’s cheaper to repair a garage door than to replace it. But what if your garage door keeps requiring repair after repair, costing a fortune in accumulated repair bills? You may be better off replacing the door entirely, meaning you won’t have to worry about repair bills with your brand-new garage door. If you want some expert advice on which option is more cost-effective, talk to an expert team of garage door retailers and repairers like The Garage Door Guys.

As one of Adelaide’s best garage door teams, The Garage Door Guys can help you out if you’re wondering whether to repair or replace your garage door. They’re specialists in repairs, but they also offer a huge range of new doors – just check out their website! They’ll give you expert advice and offer an affordable solution to your garage door needs.

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