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Which Garage Doors are Best

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When your footy team wins the Grand Final, it’s clear that they’re the best of the season. Their trophy provides visible and tangible evidence that they’re the best. The same goes for when Usain Bolt breaks another 100m record, or Winx wins an unbelievable 33 consecutive races.

When looking at garage doors, on the other hand, it’s not so easy to determine a winner. They don’t kick goals. They don’t win 100m sprints. In fact, they don’t engage in any form of athletic display.

We’re of the opinion that, like human beings, all garage doors are beautiful in their own way. Deciding which one is best depends entirely on what’s right for you. And because everyone’s needs are different, their ideal garage door will look a little different too.

Let’s go through a few essential factors to consider when choosing the best garage door for you:

Garage Space:

You can’t buy the coolest, sexiest garage door in the world if it won’t fit in your garage. Roller doors are convenient, compact and look great. They suit garages with narrow openings but require headroom (space directly above the garage door) so that it can roll up neatly when opened.

Tilt doors and sectional/panelift doors are suitable for your home if you have limited headroom, as they’re stored outstretched and overhead your garage when opened. Tilt doors, however, require a sufficient space in your actual driveway when opening and closing them – so that must be considered too.


The material of your garage door doesn’t just make it look good – it’s also a matter of practicality. Are you drawn to the durability and wide range of colours that a steel garage door has to offer? Perhaps you like the lightweight and easy-to-maintain design of an aluminium door. Or maybe a timber door suits the design of your home the best.


Colours are a massive part of deciding the best garage door for you and your home. Colorbond Steel offers a wide range of colours and, if you tend to be indecisive with these things, the experts at The Garage Door Guys will be happy to guide you through choosing a colour. For timber doors, there are a variety of finishes to choose from.

Safety Features:

It’s standard for your garage door to come with a few safety features. Automatic reversing technology is a big one. This will save you either a trip to the hospital or the panel beater if something is obstructing the door from closing. Emergency release buttons are a must, should you experience a power outage. Photo eye beams are also increasingly common, as they create an infrared beam which prevent the door from closing when something’s in its way.


Motors offer convenience and safety and are a highly desirable feature for most home owners. You click a button and the door opens. How cool is that?

So now you’ve got an idea of which garage door could be best for you. It may take a little while longer to be certain, but that’s OK! The Garage Door Guys will be with you, every step of the way.

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