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Why Panel Lift Garage Doors Are The Best


Before we write another amazingly informative blog on garage doors, we have an important question to ask: do you even lift?

Nope, we’re not talking about going to the gym and lifting loads of weights. We’re talking about panel lift garage doors. Do you have one?

If not, keep on reading to find out why they’re one of our favourite types of garage door, and why so many homeowners agree with us!

They’re simply designed

Everything is overengineered these days. Gone are the days when a washing machine could be fixed by anyone with a spanner set and a bit of know-how – now you need a computer to read its mind and figure out what the problem is!

 Sectional doors are relatively new in the garage door landscape, but they’re still simply designed, which is what we love about them. This means they’re uncomplicated and are built to last, not to fail.

They’re safe and secure

Panel lift doors are also safe and secure. They’re actually safer than tilt doors in some ways, because they don’t rely on extension springs which can corrode and pop off, which is a huge safety hazard. Sectional doors are also very secure and can be fitted with extra wind bracing, making them even more sturdy.

They look fantastic

Sectional doors exploded in popularity around 10 years ago. Why? Not only are they superb value for money, but they also look fantastic, giving your home a modern edge. They look great on all homes, from character homes to new builds, and available in a range of colours.

They don’t require much overhead space

One of the best things about panel lift garage doors is that they require minimal overhead space, unlike roller doors. This means if your garage is connected to the home and has a lower ceiling, sectional doors are usually the best option for you. Contact The Garage Door Guys for a professional measure of your garage to get an accurate measurement on your overhead space.

They can be customised

Sectional doors are much more customisable than roller doors. They can be made from several different materials, such as Colorbond steel, aluminium, timber, faux wood and fibreglass, whereas roller doors are generally just made from Colorbond steel. Added features, like windows, are also a possibility, bringing out some personal flair in the façade of your home.

Want to choose the dream garage door to go with your dream home? Get in touch with The Garage Door Guys. We’re Adelaide’s industry leaders in everything garage doors and gates. We have a stunning range of doors, whether you’re looking at roller doors, sectional doors or something completely custom-designed. We also specialise in maintenance and repair, offering full-scale garage door services. Get in touch with the team for the best garage doors in SA!

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