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Will the Garage Door Work without Power

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If you’ve owned an automated garage door for a while, you probably don’t sit at the window, staring at its effortless opening and closing at the click of a button. It’s just like when your internet speeds get upgraded: it’s cool at first, but you simply get used to it. You only fully appreciate it through negative experiences – when your internet is down, or extremely slow.

The same goes when your garage door motor stops working. That’s when you remember how great life was when it opened with one little click.

The good news is that all powered garage doors are able to be opened manually in the event of a power outage, motor malfunction or an issue with the remote. And it’s really simple to open. The other bit of good news is that if you get stuck, you’ve always got a fall back: give The Garage Door Guys a call.

NOTE: If your garage door is stuck in the open position, do not attempt to pull the release cord. This could result in the door slamming shut, which poses a risk of serious harm. If the door is stuck open, call The Garage Door Guys to inspect it immediately.

1. Pull the release cord

The release cord is that dangly, usually red rope thingy with a handle at the end. It’s normally attached to the garage door track or motor. If the door is closed, pull the cord. This releases the door from the belt or drive chain. Before you pull the cord, consider these:

  • You’ll need to pull it with a decent amount of force
  • If you use a manual lock on your garage door, remove it first.
  • Don’t hang from the cord like a baby chimp… yes, it sounds silly, but you’d be surprised.

2. Manually lift the garage door open

Grab the handle of the garage door from the inside and raise it until the door is completely opened. If the door isn’t raising smoothly, then don’t force it open and try to pull the release cord again. If this doesn’t work, call The Garage Door Guys to come check it out. If the door isn’t staying open when fully raised, also call The Garage Door Guys to come check it out.

Power Outages:

If your garage door wasn’t opening due to a power outage, wait until the power is restored to your home. Then, reconnect your garage door to the power supply, using the instruction manual if necessary. If it works, hey presto! You’re good to go. If not, then (yep, you guessed it) call The Garage Door Guys.

Fault with the Garage Door:

If there’s a suspected problem with the garage door itself, it could be a broken spring or cable. Alternatively, it could be a fault with the motor. Both are serious issues which require the attention of an expert. Luckily, the experienced team at The Garage Door Guys are always ready to repair and service your door should things go wrong.

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